Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Here I am just another Open Diary Refugee

A lot of folks have switched to places like ProseBox or Tumblr.

Tumblr sure looks nice for folks who can make it work, I tried making it work reasonably for an hour and then decided since I didn't have to do it for someone else, I wasn't going to bother myself.

Prosebox was a bit uncustomizable and odd too. Will it be so new and small that it's here today and gone tomorrow?

But in any case, whatever will be will be.

A lot of memories from Open Diary. . .

I was there.. way back..

My second diary, began on 2-19-2006, and de Lilliis ^MS was a diary I enjoyed writing. Before that I had a diary called 'A Knight of Our Lady' which had a lot of my growing up in it, which in the end was why I closed it down since it had too many of my mistakes but there was a lot there so it's touching.

That diary begin in 1-17-2002. Or at least that's the first entry I see, that was a bit go so I don't remember the details.

So many friends come and gone from those days. Some kept some lost. Mistakes and successes, joys and sorrows. Strange how it all turned out.

The diary circles will now be gone, books, pets, spirituality, politics. . .

The Open Diary philosophy oddly enough always seemed to be more of a 'closed diary' philosophy in regards to search engines, which truly was of great benefit for the participants. They were less popular and perhaps a lot of what they wrote that they shouldn'tve perhaps a lot of it -isn't- permanently enshrined elsewhere in some website archive. Or at least not one of the open to the public ones.

But at the same time this half-open diary method probably harmed the site's long term success. It's still odd though, why it wasn't more profitable and possible to keep going, sell to some other site, etc. in the end. The two weeks notice was a rather short end too, I know folks would've appreciated a longer warning of the closing, though one can be thankful both it didn't just simply disappear without warning, and for all that Open Diary did for folks throughout its existence. A hard end doesn't change any of that.

I don't know where I'll go in the future to blog about personal stuff. This little blog never quite worked out I don't think its hmm, networking features are all that compared to Open Diary. It's out there it's true but without bookmarking, comments instead of notes.. doesn't quite do it.

Well we'll see. One fellow's doing audio diaries. I doubt I'll ever do anything like that, certainly not for more than a lark. Hmm. What if he tried to do an audio fish's diary? Blup-blup-blub blub-blub-blup? That was a great one Rodge!

And all this amidst record cold, crashing computers, my poor fish under the weather. . .

Well Rebecca, Hope.. White Dove.. Sherry. . . Ash. . . Lama. . . Libbie. . . Precious Scribbles. . Aphelia. . . Jonmark. . . Willy and Wilma. . . Julie. .  Sarea. . . In His Grip. . . Everyone All my friends.. near and far. . .

I've saved my diary. I'll never forget. I've been saving lots of diaries last entries and home pages, just saving them so I can see them if I want again. And so I can keep in touch and keep track.

I'm here. Even if I don't post much, the blog won't go anywhere so I'm here.

Be safe out there. Keep close to God!

Take care.. Prayers..

Always prayers!


~@Mysteriez-EngeL@~ said...

Hi there! It is Mysteriez-EngeL/Sherrie .... I am at Prosebox under the name Mysteriez-EngeL. You can find most of the others of ODers there too ... that is if you come there. Perhaps just try first and let see if you stay there as well ... :)

Marc Stops said...

I had been on Open Diary since 2003 and had anonymously posted every poem I had ever written, totally over 180. I had always meant to save it, back it up somehow but never got around to it. 180 poems is alot to work with. Well I just found out, literally an hour ago that it had shut down and now everything is gone. I had no idea. This is horrible. I wish they wouldve at least given those who didn't know of the shutdown an opportunity to have a backup to go to. This is a big loss for me and probably many others.